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Hello to anyone who visits the site of the AQPPT. My name is Véronique, I will be 17 years old in July 2009, and I have achondroplasia. I am the only one to be of small stature in my family: my parents, my two sisters, and my brother are of average size. My family joined the AQPPT when I was a baby and has participated in several activities of the Association. It has been very involved over the years because this cause means a lot to us.

I live in Châteauguay, where I went to elementary school and now I am eager to complete grade 11. During my integration into these two levels, the AQPPT came to raise awareness so that all students could better understand my condition. I found it interesting because I no longer had to explain my condition to all my classmates, what I was and why. Quite frankly, when someone would ask me all these questions I had a hard time answering. So it was done early in the year, explained and done with. Also they could better explain why I needed all kinds of technical aids to make me feel good.

I am now in the process of choosing a career, and I have decided to go to CEGEP next year and study remedial education. I like helping others and also teach troubled youth what they need to continue later on. I would also like to find a summer job, so I have registered with an SSMO (Specialized labor services) to have an employment counselor, specialized in assisting people with disabilities, guide me in my efforts.

My small size does not really bother me; I am like that. I have always thought that what mattered most was the personality. I have always used my knowledge, my strengths, and passions to get anywhere in life and with my friends. I have had numerous operations. The first time, I had an operation for hydrocephalus or water on the brain when I was about six months old. The operation consists of placing a shunt in the brain to drain the liquid out of the skull towards the abdomen. They had to place a kind of straw because I had too much fluid in the head that was giving me headaches and making me very ill. I have also had many small operations because I was having ear infections. Not long ago, I also had an operation in the lower spine because the nerves were tightly squeezed, so they opened up a little to give more room to the spinal cord.

Soon, I will be taking driving lessons,and I can't wait. After that, I will feel more independent. All this is little complicated and somewhat lengthy. So, one must start these things early. 

I think it is really worthwhile to be part of the AQPPT, to meet people like us. Even if I have friends outside the AQPPT who are of average size, I also like to have friends of small stature because it feels good. It makes me feel good because the AQPPT is like a gathering place that we have to share our life experiences and also just to meet.

Véronique A., June 2009



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