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Hi, My name is Sébastien, and I will be 24 years old in April 2009. My bone disease is spondylo-epiphyseal dysplasia. I live in Ste-Julie and I am currently doing a DEP (Diploma of Vocational Studies) in Industrial Design at the Centre Bernard-Gariépy in Sorel.

At age 8, I underwent surgery to my legs (tibia and fibula) to straighten them. I had a cast from the waist to the toes when my father and I went to the AQPPT for the first time.

I attended the neighbourhood's elementary and high schools. I lived in St-Bruno until age 14. Thanks to my great sense of humor, I have always had the ability to make friends and my small stature has not prevented me from fitting in socially. I must say, however, that my parents encouraged me to have experiences like all the young people of my age. I lived a difficult period during my adolescence when young people would call me cowboy because of my bowed legs, but I learned not to take it seriously over time. Once people realized that it no longer worked, they just stopped.

At the ages of 16 and 17, I had other operations, this time of the femurs (thigh bone) tibias, and fibulas. I was operated on one leg at a time, one year apart. Because of all these operations, I had to start grade 11over because I had not accumulated enough credits. I took it hard at the time, but it allowed me to meet other people.

After one semester in CEGEP, I decided to stop and went to work; I needed to do something else than going to school. So I worked for about four years before going back to school. I worked some time in a convenience store as cashier and did data processing for a transportation company.

I got my driver's license at 18 following a 2-month driving course. My type of dwarfism is such that I do not need to use pedal extensions in my car.

At a younger age, I participated often enough in the AQPPT activities such as the sugar shack or even the summer camp. Being able to talk with people who are like us helps to better understand and accept our fate by saying to ourselves that we are not alone in this situation. Through the Association, I have also kept informed of the measures taken by the government to facilitate the adaptation of little people to society. To that effect, I would like to thank the Association for everything it has done for me.

Once again at age 21, I had an operation, this time in the spine, to reduce my scoliosis. They placed surgical metal plates along my vertebrae C7 to L1. This time will be the last time ... at least I hope so.

In my spare time I like to go camping with my friends, go to the movies, go out late to the bars (a normal activity for someone my age), play hockey, etc. Currently, I am learning to skate, because I could not do it when I was younger as my legs that were too curved greatly interfered with my balance. I am a Habs fan, and I try to go to watch the games at the Bell Centre as often as possible. Of course, I do not miss any Habs games on TV.

To conclude, I am a 24 year-old young man who lives his life from day to day. I see my disability not as a limitation but rather as a challenge to overcome. I am a person who likes to do things without necessarily foreseeing everything, which makes me a spontaneous person.

Sébastien T., March 2009



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